Positive Thinking Re-Set

Yeah, so every few days I guess I have to snap myself out of self-pity mode. I know this is a process, and they say coming to grips with having an autoimmune disease (or two) is a lot like dealing with the stages of grief.


So, today I’ll try to snap out of the anger and depression, stop bargaining with myself about what food I can eat and accept it by re-evaluating how far I’ve come already:

  • Hair – it’s still falling out, but the loss is slower than it once was
  • Scaly eye – it went away with the Prednisone, but started coming back before I went off the Prednisone .. bummer but not as bad as it once was
  • Taste and mouth feel of food – definitely seeing improvement here, so that’s a big plus, though that means I’m more interested in eating and I need to figure all that out
  • Nails – not looking so good, just hopeful that getting on the right supplements will help nutrient depletion to stop – hope they don’t actually fall off
  • Pain – Overall there’s a reduction in pain. I’m not waking as often with terrible pain, this seems to happen more so when I’m not careful about eating really clean. Guess I’ll learn my lesson one of these days
  • Feet – with this being the last day on Prednisone at a greatly reduced dose I’ve seen the swelling subside a good deal. Dry brushing has also helped, so this too is a good thing

A Few of the Things I’m Grateful For Today …

  • the fact that I have a diagnosis .. ahead of schedule! I wouldn’t even have the results of my CT Scan for another two weeks had I not gone into hospital
  • I have a team of doctors and naturopaths to help me, and a plan to heal my body
  • the fact that my supplements are on the way
  • the fact that there are a lot of free resources online to help people with autoimmune diseases (like the Autoimmune Wellness site and how to prepare mentally for AIP)
  • the fact today is my last day on Prednisone and my feet should stop swelling
  • the fact that by Thursday I’ll be DONE with doctors for a while
  • that fact that the insurance claim for our trip cancellation (cancelled due to this disorder) has been approved and the cheque is in the mail
  • perspective, and knowing that there are a lot of people out there that are far worse off than me
  • the love and support that friends and family are showing to help me face this challenge head on

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