The Power of Food

This is just a quick update to let everyone know how things are going.
In a word – GOOD! 🙂

  • Definitely feeling better when I stick to the AIP way of eating, and I’m not finding it that difficult since I’d already kicked so many foods to the curb.
  • It is difficult when it comes to needing a quick snack, so I’ve been looking into possible options for some treats (I think Pinterest may be my new best friend for quick recipes) that my personal baker (love you mom) can whip up! I think a trip to the Bulk Barn is in order.
  • I’m sadly seeing the eczema returning to my left eyelid, and my cheeks are getting itchy again. This was the ONE thing the Prednisone did take care of, but now that I’m not taking that, it’s back. Hoping that upping my vitamin intake will help clear the skin soon.
  • After watching “That Vitamin Movie yesterday I realized by looking at my vitamin powder that I need to seriously up my Vitamin C … so that’s on the to-do list too. That AND charting my supplement intake plan in anticipation my their arrival.
  • Need to keep up the dry brushing – when I don’t I do feel more aches in the ankles – and yes I still need to get more Milk Thistle to clear the toxins from my liver and body! TODAY!!!
  • Weight is fairly stable no big dips or dives, and body temperature still continues to indicate a poorly functioning thyroid, so I’ll be interested to see how the labs come back at the end of the month when I go in for another test.
  • Still experiencing quite a bit of muscle weakness, and wondering if I should start doing some light stretching to get things in shape and maybe a little toned up … my hubby tells me to keep my arms at my side on a windy day for fear I fly away. Well isn’t he cute! LOL
  • loadedsweet900x1350Oh! We tried these the other night – DELISH! Even hubby ate the sweet potatoes – small miracle! Loaded Baked Sweet Potato with Bacon Guac (we didn’t use the Lime Cream – felt it was more work I didn’t need)

And that’s about it for today!


Tip for the Day – Get on Pinterest and follow the Autoimmune Wellness girls … they pull all kinds of great AIP recipes together in one spot – even safe AIP treats … LOVE IT!
(Again – thank you to The Root of Health for this great tip you shared at our Autoimmune Support Group)



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