Hanging …. in.

Just wanted to post a quick update … I’m Hanging … in.

Was supposed to chat about my health last night and the next path I’m to start taking, but with time differences and long-running meetings my call has been put back until this evening. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ย That’s okay though – I put my whole story in writing and it’s being pondered and researched, so the gal I’ll be talking to will have lots of information at her fingertips. I feel very good about this because from what I understand she’s been through some of the nutrient deficiencies and protein problems … so here’s hoping we can fast track my recovery and do away with trial and error so much!

Food Report: I was happy to sink my teeth into some delicious Camembert cheese yesterday (imported from France) … and look at that … I didn’t die! Not even a flinch! Had some good quality yogurt this morning too … and still I’m standing (though my taste buds were obviously screwed up way back when I was enjoying this brand … cuz it’s not as yummy as I remembered)! Already I think we’re on a better path here … more proactively trying to heal my gut with good organisms! Even tried a little bone marrow in my stir-fry last night – wouldn’t know it’s there! Worms … yeah, they’re still living safely in the garden … thanks for asking! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Weight is steadily dropping again – that’s okay with me – just getting rid of the water weight that had accumulated.
  • Feet and ankles are much less swollen but it’s still there … it’s a weird feeling I can’t explain … like something’s trying to get out of my body through my feet! UGH! Very tight, itchy and prickly! I’m also still getting the shooting pains now and again in my calves. Can’t wait until we figure out the protein issue and get my body re-set!
  • My eyelid is now not the only itchy spot on my face … I could literally claw at my jawline … so dry and itchy! UGH MAKE IT STOP!!! I’m really trying not to dig at it or even touch it, because I can see it’s quickly starting to get bumpy and thick looking. I’m seriously going to look MARVELOUS shortly!
  • My hair is starting to re-grow BTW … so that too is a good thing, though my hairdresser said soon I’ll have a huge thick patch at the top of my head which will get difficult to manage … and “NO I won’t thin it” she said! ๐Ÿ˜€
  • Still getting headaches – usually wake up with one and get one early in the afternoon too. Such fun.

And BTW – sidebar – again … another critter with better nails than me! Just look at that sloth’s nails!!!!



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