Time to Rebuild

It’s been a couple of days, so first of all a quick update.

  • Had a horrible day Friday – spent it on the couch … body obviously needed some time for R&R. Fair bit of pain and nausea … just rough overall
  • Haven’t received a formal plan of attack yet, but from what I gleaned from my phone consult Wednesday, I’ve gone out and got the liquid probiotic Bio-K that was suggested.
  • Received a text message from the lovely lady who’s helping me … she hurt her shoulder, so there’s been some delay in formulating my plan … but she’s been in touch with her associate who’s currently in Switzerland … plan to come shortly!
  • Meantime it’s been recommended that I’m “not the average user” of Bio-K, and that I need to be taking a therapeutic dose. That means instead of the 1 container for optimal gut performance I need to be taking 4 or 5 containers!! (2 in the a.m. on an empty stomach, one through day and 2 in the p.m. before bed) YIKES!!  That’s a lotta stuff … and it’s not cheap! BUT the plan is to flood my microbiome with the good guys and crowd out the hooligans!
  • I’m to continue taking my digestive enzymes with everything I eat… breaking the capsule open and mixing it into the Bio-K or good quality bacterial enzyme yogurt to deliver the goods faster.

Now … on to the Bio-K+


I’ve been researching this and continue to be completely baffled why NO ONE until now has recommended this product!?!?  It’s Canadian, it’s recommended by pharmacists, doctors and health practitioners … and it’s readily available in the refrigeration sections of grocery stores and pharmacies (I knew what it was right away when it was mentioned – I’d seen it before) … so what the heck!?!?! Why did the Internist that did the scopes not recommend it? No .. she recommended some other probiotic. Why didn’t my GP recommend it? Why didn’t the Functional Medicine ND recommend it (especially her since she came up with the plan to “kill and rebuild”? Why didn’t the GI Specialist recommend it? Why didn’t the dietitian at the hospital recommend it?


I just watched the videos about the product on their page – HIGHLY educational and really makes you wonder WHY WHY WHY no one suggested this product! It’s supposed to help build/re-build your gut and protect you and help with inflammation!!!
Check out the videos here – https://www.biokplus.com/en_ca/health-professional (It asks you if you’re a health professional when you hit that page … just say yes and it’ll let you in.)

There’s so much great information on Bio-K’s website there’s no point in me posting it all here … take a look for yourself … poke around and check it out. Well worth a read if you’re experiencing any gastro problems, if you’re taking, taken, or ever will take antibiotics or birth control pills, if you’re in the hospital, if you’re getting older, if you’re under stress or just don’t eat a perfect diet … and yes I know that means pretty much everyone! 😉

I highly recommend checking out this page, and the product page … and watch the videos if you have some time. https://www.biokplus.com/en_ca/about-probiotics#intestinal-flora

FYI Pricing: I’ve been trying to find it cheaper but have found it’s pretty much the same where ever I look – about $22 for 6 or $40 for 12 … fortunately I’m seeing it goes on sale occasionally … and I found a sale on the 6-pack which makes it cheaper than the 12 packs, so I’ll be Bio-K hunting in the next day or two (before the sale runs out)… cuz I’m gonna need a lot of it for the next 5 days … and then maintenance after that at least!

Anyway … that’s the update … check out this Bio-K stuff … really sounds like a miracle product … I just can’t figure out why why why it’s not recommended more! You can bet your butt I’ll be mentioning it to all these negligent folks on my “health-care team” if it starts working for me!





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