Ok, ok … I know it’s been a while … but I’ve been pretty grumpy … so I’ve been avoiding y’all … cuz you know what mamma says … “If you can’t say nothing nice, don’t say anything at all!”  And yes … I know I’ve used this excuse before … and I wish I weren’t so grumpy … but … here I am! 😦


So ……. since it’s been a while I’ll try to keep this short and to the point with a quick summary:

  • I’ve been on the BioK+ for about 2 weeks now .. yup 5 containers per day for 2 weeks. Results? Well my bowels have slowed for the most part I guess (though I’ve seen this before so I’m not sure that it’s the BioK+ … might just be the ebbs and flows of my body and food) – feeling fairly normal in that regard most days … as long as I have access to a toilet when I need one everything seems to work fine. Felt a bit more energy a few days, but  there are still ups and downs so who knows! It’s suspected that perhaps the BioK+ has been doing something to help my body since miraculously my monthly visitor has returned … though I would have been just as happy if it stayed away since it only brought with it lots of pain and exhaustion! UGH … can we go back to being unhealthier!?
  • I’ve been off a lot of supplements since it’s said they’re hard on my stomach .. but I’m noticing more hair fall these days so I’m planning on getting back on my zinc and selenium so I don’t go bald!
  • I’m down to 6 finger nails and a few toenails .. good times!
  • Still dealing with lots of itchies! My face, neck, eyelids, arms and various other spots sporadically  … it’s not pretty … and it’s super annoying! Not only does it look horrible, it just adds to the grumpiness. Doesn’t seem to matter what creams and potions I use, something works for a while then it starts driving me batty. I’m told it’s probably because my liver is under stress and that it’ll clear .. but it can’t clear soon enough for my liking! I’m taking milk thistle to support the liver but I’ll probably be adding dandelion in the coming days .. just need to buckle down and do more research!

That said, yes .. I have lots more research to do!

The current plan of attack after the 2 weeks on the BioK+ is to stop that, keep up with the bone broth, and start trying some other things like colostrum powder, a liquid vitamin/mineral supplement and maybe even hydrogen peroxide therapy … all of which I’ll tell you more about once I’ve done my research!

To be frank, I’ve had the suggestions for a few days but just haven’t had the ambition to sit down and look into it all – I got discouraged when I read part of the email advice that said …. “From what I have read – even though you don’t want to be on steroids – many have benefited from a short 2 or 3 week stint to get things under control and then adopt more alternative.” While I know this may be true, we tried that and it didn’t work, and all I felt when I read that was that I’d just found two more people that really don’t know what to do with me … and I’m not feeling as though “I’m fixable”. And yes … that’s how I’m feeling lately – like this isn’t fixable, and I feel like I need to just deal with that and accept that I’m going to feel lousy for the rest of my life … maybe that’d be better than continually getting my hopes up only to have another relapse.

Yup – Grumpy! That’s me … and that’s why I haven’t posted lately. But … at least now you know why I’ve been AWOL.

I’ve had some pretty rough days and nights over the past week – definitely no regrets getting my big comfy chair, as it’s been put into use several times recently with my 2:30am / 3am / 4:30am waking for various reason ranging from bowel pain to nausea or scratching my face off!

Anywho … that’s me in a nutshell once again. I’ll try to post more once I have some idea of what  my next steps are. For now I have to keep on the path I’m on until I’ve exhausted their suggestions … then if that doesn’t work I figure out what to do next.


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