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Ok – this will no doubt be a long post … I’m just accumulating all my research in one spot for my reference … feel free to read, skim, or skip!

The natural health consultant wrote:

From everything I can see – almost every one of your symptoms is related to the enteritis.  No news there.  Low Albumin or Hypoalbuminemia is always a result and this apparently is what causes edema or swelling.  You are low on protein because you gut won’t digest or assimilate it, and then on down the line to low albumin, swelling and the typical symptoms of gastritis.

Eczema is often a result of a congested or overworked liver – in fact most skin issues have a liver component. However, eczema can also be a result of your gastritis, so what came first – hard to know.

 From there she goes on to recommend some reading/research and provided me with links that lead me to the following …

Protein Loss
I may have covered this before in past posts, but until now the doctors have been confused about me not having enough protein in my body and/or me losing too much protein and claiming not to know why. Remember… we even did urine tests in ER to see if I was losing it through my urine…which I was not.

Anyway, while I don’t remember reading this before, it seems logical to me and my natural health consultants that I’d be losing protein through my gastro system … because it’s pretty messed up in there.

Today while reading through all the info I received I found a research paper that says:

Eosinophilic gastroenteritis (EG) is a rare condition of unknown etiology characterized by vomiting, diarrhea, protein-losing enteropathy, and eosinophilic infiltration of the gastrointestinal mucosa. The potential association of EG with allergy and related mast-cell release of mediators led us to evaluate the ability of an antihistamine drug to modify the course of the disease.


I then went back and started Googling trying to find out if other descriptions of the disease mention this …. BUT …. very few do! Not even descriptions of the disease on websites that are there to support people with EG/EGE/EGID! Shocking!

I did go back to Wikipedia, and sure enough there it is .. the most common form of Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis is “Mucosal EG” and look at the sings and symptoms … I’m textbook for that.:

Mucosal EG (25–100%) is the most common variety,[11][12] which presents with features of malabsorption and protein losing enteropathy. Failure to thrive and anaemia may also be present.


Ok – that’s ONE down! I’ll have a logical response to my doctor(s) when they start alluding to me not eating enough protein!!

Alternative Treatment to Steroids/Prednisone
Okay … I know you’ve heard me rant about the prescription from the GI Specialist that’s for seasonal allergies and asthma  … Montelukast … I may have to eat crow on that one (we’ll see) … but among all the information I received I was told to look into Ketotifen (Zaditen) – an alternate drug that’s used for treatment. The lady that recommended looking into this didn’t have much time to research it herself, but at least it sounds like it could be a “better” option since it’s not steroidal. (This is the article that she shared which references positive results from treatment with this drug –

Comparing Montelukast and Ketotifen it seems they’re the same kind of drug … both to treat seasonal allergies and asthma. Both are Leukotriene receptor antagonists and seem to be used in the treatment of mast cell disorders and Wikipedia says

“These modifiers have been shown to improve asthma symptoms, reduce asthma exacerbations and limit markers of inflammation such as eosinophil counts in the peripheral blood and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid. This demonstrates that they have anti-inflammatory properties.”


That said, I think it still makes more sense to me to try to bring down inflammation naturally rather than with drugs that both have long lists of side-effects which include gastro disturbances … thanks anyway … I have enough of my own! Guess I’ll need to discuss this more at length with her when she has more time, and mention once again that I’ve already been prescribed a similar drug … and do we really want to even try this unless I’m on death’s door? We shall see.

Chinese Herbal Treatment/Natural Approach
I don’t know how much she knows about these products or their ingredients, but the information and approach seems to make sense – balance the pH and kill bacteria and infections like H Pylori.

ACIDIM regularizes the amount of acid in the stomach. Thus, digestion is completed. ACIDIM also increases gastric motility, thus allowing digested food to get expelled from the stomach. Hence, food doesn’t ferment and release gas, the stomach is empty and the discomfort ends.

XEMBRAN stops growth as well as kills H. pylori in the stomach. Xembran works along with the body’s defense mechanism to eliminate the harmful bacteria. Acidim and Xembran together help in gastritis treatment and also help to repair and restore the stomach lining without any side effects.


The article doesn’t talk specifically about EGE/EGID, but rather, presents a combination of their products as a natural treatment for the disease, and they claim you should see results in 2-4 weeks. The price tag comes in over US$200 for a 40 day supply of both supplements including shipping –

Like I said, all of the information makes good sense – the article talks about how our guts are being messed up by so many factors from food to drugs and toxic dental fillings, etc. – heard it all before, believe it, just don’t know if their approach is any better or worse than any other! So we’ll throw this into the ring and weigh the options and decide what’s next.

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy
A day after I received the above suggestion for the Chinese Herbal treatment they sent me another email suggesting Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy which said…

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy is a very old therapy that in many ways had to go underground because it worked and big pharma doesn’t like that.

Basically  H2O2 is oxygen and bacteria, pathogens, parasites, candida etc…don’t like oxygen.

Our body cells produce H2O2 and a basic requirement for good health.

Lactobacilli found in the colon &  vagina produce H2O2.  This helps destroy harmful bacteria etc. Friendly or good bacteria are aerobic – meaning they flourish in high oxygen environment.  Most strains of harmful bacteria and even cancer cells etc. are anaerobic and cannot survive in the presence of oxygen or H2O2.  Hence helping get your good bacteria back in check.

If you were to do this therapy and keep up with building back your gut good bacteria and repopulating your gut you should be have better absorption and assimilation from what you are eating.

You start out very slow.  1 drop per glass per day ( once you have found the correct 35% Food Grade Only and diluted – make sure you understand this).  You won’t even taste one drop – but once you are up to 10 drops you will – it tastes a bit like chlorine.  If you go too fast you have have a detox response and feel horrible! – which just means you are dumping or killing off the bad bacteria, bugs etc. too fast for your system to handle – so you back it off.

Give it a try I’m pretty sure it will help.

All the other issues you have, Thyroid, hormones, eczema, low albumin are all downstream symptoms from the gut issue.

So, I read the article here and this too makes good sense! My one concern is that it stimulates the immune system, and from what I understand my immune system is currently over-active .. i.e. the autoimmune Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis which basically is the immune system not reading signals right and attacking the body! So … catch 22!?

Fortunately I was able to reach my consultant before she left for Europe, and her reply was this…

It’s a tough question to answer, but your basic issue is the gut not assimilating – which means you must have bacteria, pathogens, candida etc. that is the underlying cause. And the inflammation etc. is a by product of that.

If you do decide to try it – go very slow.  1 Drop per day for a week – then 2 drops per day etc….Don’t necessarily follow the protocol he lays out – that is quite standard – but might be too much for you.

Over time the added H2O2 will get in ….that is what I would do.

So … here we go again .. more stuff to consider and weigh the options.

Liquid Vitamin/Mineral Supplementation
30701This product “Source of Life Gold Liquid” was suggested as a good option instead of capsules .. not sure that she’s tried it herself or with anyone else … just a link that was sent. Sounds good – lots of vitamins and minerals and likely much better for me with my absorption issues … more to consider … not cheap but quality never is.


SYM-04022-5Powdered Colostrum is another item suggested for gut health and energy … however, milk products can be an issue for some sufferers of EGE/EGID … so again … what to do? I’ve been on fermented milk probiotics for 2 weeks now and had no issue that I know of … so I’m probably safe with this too.

They suggested Symbiotics brand, and they swear by everything colostrum … and sincerely believe in its healing powers. The skin care line they created is based on colostrum.


Reading up on the benefits for GI it says..


So ………. this too sounds good! More to add to the shopping list!

So … in summary it’s been suggested my latest treatment protocol go as follows:

  • Keep up with bone broth consumption daily (I’m not so good at this .. it’s too hot to want soup!) to help heal the gut
  • BioK+ we’re at the stage where I’m off it for a couple of weeks now (2 week on / 2 week off cycle)
  • Keep taking digestive enzymes with all food (1-2 opened and mixed with something)
  • Keep taking probiotics capsules (2-3 opened and mixed in something)
  • Try colostrum powder – 1TBSP / day spread out mixed in food
  • Try liquid gold vitamin/mineral supplement
  • Try H202 therapy if I feel up to it … taking it slow!

For me I’m wanting to and probably will add back some things that I’ve stopped taking:

  • Selenium & Zinc – for hair and nails
  • Biosil drops – also for hair and nails – I’ve been taking this and will continue
  • Vitamin C
  • Cod Live Oil Liquid – have been and will keep taking this
  • Iron – probably going to start taking this again

Need to sit down will all my bottles and make up a new daily vitamin consumption list so I don’t miss anything! Good Grief!

I think I’ll hold off on the Chinese Herbs for now … going to see what kind of in-roads I can make with the colostrum and liquid vitamin approach and maybe the H202 therapy as well.

I’ll be sending some questions back to my natural health care consultants about the prescription drugs they looked up and the one I already have … I’d like to know what kind of implications there would be taking drugs of this variety:

  • What will they do to the good stuff in my gut? I’ve spent time and money rebuilding, would this destroy that?
  • What about the side-effects? Are they really worth the potential benefits?
  • Does it make sense to suppress the symptoms if we’re trying to fix this naturally? If symptoms are suppressed we don’t know what’s working and what isn’t?
  • OR – are we looking at this as a last ditch effort/option?

Anyway – that’s where I’m at with the research and formulation of a new plan.


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