Counting Sheep

Okay .. so we’re back to this … not sleeping!

Tried to go to bed fell asleep, woke up shortly thereafter, want to itch my skin off, can’t sleep.

I read a suggestion the other night that this is an adrenal/cortisol issue and that I should eat protein before bed. Yeah … kinda sick of eating protein every 10 minutes … especially when I can’t eat nuts! Anyway – I didn’t have anything before bed, so I thought I’d try some almond butter since I tried some the day before yesterday and yesterday morning without issue.  Yeah …. so that didn’t go so well and my stomach started to ache 😦  Here I am a couple hours later and I’m nauseous … guess I’ll need to break down and eat some meat and hopefully calm this belly down and get some Zzzzzs.

I’m also so thrilled to report that swelling in my feet and ankles seems to be making a come back 😥 Ugh! I’ve been feeling it creeping in for a few days now, but  this is worse. Let’s hope it’s short lived.

Being awake means I’ve been doing more research … starting to think that this AIP diet isn’t strict enough and I might need to read up some more on the SIBO Diet and start restricting carbohydrates more. Double Ugh!

Overall … not a good day.

Tired … fed up …. itchy, cranky, grumpy, sleepy and certainly by normal morning hours dopey too …. so soon we’ll pretty much have all the 7 Dwarfs covered!


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