Figure I better let you all know how I am … still alive … didn’t run away from home … still miserable…

  • Spent most of the day on the couch yesterday with cold compresses on my arms, neck and face – so itchy. Using Emu oil to try to keep moisturized and maybe help stop the spread of the rashes.
  • Ate minimally yesterday – too afraid to create any more reactions
  • Bowels not in good shape – urge to go frequently with the fear of accidents
  • Feet still mildly swelling – the sensation is probably worse than the swelling – very tingly and almost numb at times
  • Started Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy yesterday – felt no ill effects
  • Despite being exhausted I couldn’t get to sleep because of the itchiness. Tried natural remedy to try to sleep – didn’t work. Took 2 Extra Strength Tylenol to knock me out … it always works but I feel horrible the next day … completely wiped out, headache, and this time a sore throat too.
  • Face is a mess this morning – eye lids very swollen, lots of dryness on eyelids and jaw line, itchy, prickly neck and on my butt
  • Colostrum Powder and liquid vitamins I ordered just arrived – I’ll start taking that later today once I’m allowed to eat (H202 has to be away from food)

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