Good Days .. Bad Days

Today is a good day to have a good day … for sure!

So after my terrible Tuesday night I managed to endure Wednesday and stay awake all day and evening so I didn’t get into a weird sleep cycle … slept great Wednesday of course – was exhausted!

Woke up Thursday with a terrible headache and sore throat again but that passed fairly quickly (could be die-off signs from the invaders).

Getting into the day I felt surprisingly good! YAY ME! Even pretty energetic!

Decided since I was feeling a bit better that I should take the opportunity to maybe start a good habit of getting some “official” exercise back in my life, so we went for a walk around the new park next to our house after dinner. Proud to report that after a half hour brisk walk I was still alive!! Double YAY ME! I’m sure I’ll sleep well again tonight.

Happy to report that the rash on my face and arms have cleared SUBSTANTIALLY! Not itchy as bad as it was and I can go out in public again! This after just a couple of days applying colostrum powder mixed with water … go figure!

Here it is Friday and I’m off to see the doctor for a check up. We’ll see what she has to say, and I’ll have bloodwork done to check thyroid levels and what not. Will be interesting to see what’s that all says.


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