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Why You Should Use Colostrum to Support Your Digestion and Immune System


If you have been following Oh Lardy, you know we are very focused on maintaining a healthy digestive system.  Optimal digestion is the key to a healthy immune system response.

We have focused quite a bit on replenishing the good bacteria in your gut with probiotic supplements and fermented foods and drinks (like sauerkraut, dilly carrots and fermented orange juice).

We also promote using bone broth and using quality gelatin powder to help promote healthy digestion and a healthy gut, among other myriad benefits of broth.  I love using bone broth as a tea, in soups and stews and using it to braise meats, vegetables and to cook rice and beans.

Many of our readers are also avid users of these wonderfully healing traditional foods!

Recently I was introduced to another product to add to our diet and I am amazed at what a great addition this is to keeping our digestive and immune systems functioning optimally!

Add Colostrum to Your Diet

Colostrum.  Ever heard of it?  It is really nature’s first food…provided by all female mammals during the first few days after birth.  It is very important promoting the healthy development and function of the immune system at birth.

You can sometimes find colostrum via a raw dairy if you have access, but most of us do not have such access.  When my husband was still playing professional football, he would pour raw colostrum from a local dairy into his smoothies when it was available (which wasn’t very often) as there are possible benefits for using colostrum for athletic recovery.

Why Use Colostrum

Colostrum has many possible benefits.  Here are 4 that will really resonate with Oh Lardy readers:

  1. Colostrum Plus can support a healthy immune response.*
  2. Colostrum may enhance stamina and normal lean muscle re-growth after strenuous physical exercise, when consumed at about 20 grams per day.*
  3. Colostrum promotes healthy intestinal flora and the normal functioning of the entire GI tract.* (hello!  This is what Oh Lardy loves!!!)
  4. Colostrum contains naturally occurring growth factors in colostrum may encourage cellular re-growth for healthy skin, bones, muscles, nerves and cartilage.*

The reason colostrum is so beneficial is because it contains the following components which have been studied extensively:

  1. Proline-Rich Polypeptides (PRPs), which act systemically, modulating the complex immune system so that it can better respond as needed.*
  2. Naturally Occuring Growth Factors, which are peptides that function as inter-cellular signaling molecules to turn on or turn off production of specific proteins in the target cells. They assist in completing the growth, development and maintenance of a healthy gut wall.* (If we are adding all those probiotics into our gut, we need to make sure our gut wall is healthy to keep them inside the digestive tract!!)
  3. Immunoglobulins (IgG, IgA, IgE, IgM, IgD), which are antibodies. They play a key role in maintaining a healthy immune system and GI tract.*
  4. Lactoferrin, which is an iron-binding protein found in most immune cells and its receptors have been found on most immune function cells including lymphocytes, monocytes, macrophages and platelets.*

Introducing: Symbiotics Colostrum PlusÂŽ

4008-immulox-560x560One of the most accessible ways of adding colostrum to your diet is via a supplemental capsule or powder. This is where Symbiotics Colostrum PlusÂŽ comes in to play!

I have been using Symbiotics Colostrum PlusŽ since being introduced to it in September, 2014 at a conference.  I love how I feel when I take it.  My husband uses the powder in his smoothies.  I take a capsule and my daughter loves the fruit flavored chewable tablets (particularly the pineapple flavor!).

SymbioticsÂŽ is a brand that makes it easy to get colostrum into your diet.  Colostrum PlusÂŽ can promote everyday good health for normal, healthy digestive and immune system function.  My friend (and fellow digestive health advocate!), Registered Dietician Ashley Koff, talks more about the product in the video below.  She may answer your question of ‘why use colostrum?’:

 Now are you convinced as to why using colostrum is a great addition to the arsenal of maintaining optimal digestion?

SymbioticsŽ has quite a few types of Colostrum PlusŽ products.  You can check them out over at their website.

NOTE: This is the Brand Recommended to me:

Natural Bovine Colostrum, Studied, Safe, Natural

NOTE: This is a 13 page article – these are just a few interesting snips. Link to full article below

Bovine Colostrum Emerges as Immunity Modulator

Colostrum is Life’s First Food, according to a prominent medical doctor: Daniel Clark it is “The Ultimate anti-aging, weight loss and immune supplement” .

Medical Research shows that Colostrum is possibly the one supplement that can help everyone that’s ill. And the most important preventative you’ll ever find.

Immune Factors: The onset of almost all infections and degenerative disease is preceded or accomplished by lowered immune system function. Medical studies show Colostrum:

• Contains Powerful immune factors (immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, cytokines, etc.) that help fight viruses, bacteria, fungus, allergens, and toxins…
• Combats Leaky Gut syndrome, HIV, Autoimmune, Arthritis, Allergies, etc.
• Helps Balance Blood Sugars helping those who are Diabetic or Hyperglycemic
• Is rich in TgF-B which supports Cancer therapy, Bone formation, Herpes Holds large amounts of Immunoglobulins shown to increase anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-yeast & anti-toxin support.

The Leaky Gut Syndrome
One of the major benefits of colostrum supplementation is enhanced gut efficiency due to the many immune enhancers that control clinical and sub clinical GI infections. Colostral growth factors also play a role by keeping the intestinal mucosa sealed and impermeable to toxins. This is evidenced by colostrum’s ability to control chronic diarrhea caused by gut inflammation related to dysbiosis. Healing leaky gut syndrome reduces toxic load and helps in the reversal of many allergic and autoimmune conditions. For the healthy individual or athlete in training, colostrum
supplementation enhances the efficiency of amino acid and carbohydrate fuel uptake by the intestine. More nutrients are made available for muscle cells and other vital tissues and organs. One of the reasons for the energy boost seen in most healthy individuals who use colostrum as a food supplement is this ability of colostrum to improve nutrient availability and the correction of sub clinical leaky gut syndrome

Full Article –
Source –

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